Yolanda King is a life learner who grew up in Washington, D.C. She holds a BA from Temple University, a BS from Howard University and a certificate in Medical Dosimetry from the University of Maryland Medical School. Yolanda values that she has the ability to enhance a persons life with her positve energy, words of encouragement and wisdom. She is not afraid to take risks and attributes her passion for service, out of the box thinking  and leadership abilities as key componets to the foundation of Life Link Consultants. She is focused and determined to pursue her  passion for helping her clients learn and maximize their potentials and dreams.  

“Always lead with your heart aiming for excellence while maintaining your integrity, displaying discipline and courage to help others recognize their talents and maximize their potential.” -Yolanda King

Providing solutions, coaching, leading and helping others has always been a pasion of Yolanda's. She truly believe that the first step to one's breakthrough is achieved by letting go of past mistakes and embracing one's ultimate potential for their future. Her commitment to your success will allow her to dig deep and uncover your potential so you can reach your goals.