Why Seek Solution Coaching?

Life Goals

 So many people avoid defining their life goals or are overwhelmed as to how to reach those goals. Yolanda works with clients to begin the process of setting personal goals and work with them on how to realistically achieve them.

Developing Soft Skills

Many people today lack soft skills. The attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.Yolanda works with clients on learning the 'art of healthy socializing' and mindfullnes allowing you  to comfortably embrace social activities and relationships.  

Team Motivation

Yolanda works with individual leaders and teams to help everyone see their value and purpose to overall team success.You and your team will funtion with  compassion and heightened understanding while communicating in new ways that will break through difficult habits – creating positive energy and awareness for negative triggers and traps.

Purpose and Fulfillment

Limiting beliefs and negative emotions, many of which are hidden in our subconscious mind, show up as resistance to what we desire and stop us in our tracks. Now is your time to find out how to get beyond the limits and fears and really start living with fulfillment. 

Therapy Vs. Life Coach

Therapy is Appropriate if:


  • You are hindered by a mental health diagnosis.
  • You struggle with any kind of substance abuse.
  • You have unresolved significant past trauma.
  • You try to focus on the future, but past issues continue to interfere.

Coaching is Appropriate If:


  • You consider yourself mentally stable
  • You have a specific roadblock that is unrelated to mental health. 
  • You want to improve your confidence and spiritual growth.
  • You want focus on your passion.
  • You are ready to make significant changes in your life.